Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Eva Zeisel!

Happy Birthday Eva Zeisel! It was just 103 years ago that Eva was born Eva Striker in Budapest, Hungary. Her subsequent life story continues to be astonishing. Eva is a consumate designer, relying on her own vocabulary of beauty and function even if it doesn't mesh with the design zeitgeist du jour.

As the rigid logic of the International Style and the Bauhaus was spreading through the world Eva moved in the opposite direction - creating a language of fluid curves and interlocking forms. Her success led her to become the first woman to have a one-woman show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The museum currently houses a number of her pieces in their permanent collection.

Eva continued designing through the 1960s. She stopped for a number of years before plunging back into the design world as a furniture designer. Her creations were put into production many years later by her grandson - Adam Zeisel, owner of Eva Zeisel Originals. His company now produces the majority of her furniture work, including the dazzling Eva Zeisel Coffee Table above.
As recent as 2009 Eva continues to work in the design world, bringing back a collection of stoneware into production for Design Within Reach. The Granit Collection was named for the first ceramics company Eva worked for in 1926. Of the collection she says "I like the way the thin hard edges of the plates flow into a smooth fluid belly button. The collection makes a very nice family."

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